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Your lifestyle is something special, especially in your home and possessions. A lifestyle like yours deserves superior insurance coverage. Like the very distinctive coverage you’ll find among our top rated insurance providers.

At Millennial Insurance Group, LLC., we provide access to the most comprehensive home insurance policies in the market today- a policy that protects your home, your possessions and the lifestyle that goes along with them. Our goal is simple- to work with our customers to identify changes in their lives and keep insurance in synch.

Both your home and your personal property are insured for all losses, except for those specifically excluded in your policy or that can be optionally added coverage, i.e., silver, jewelry, watches and furs etc.

If you and your family lose your home in a covered disaster, such as a fire, the policy can cover additional living expense that are reasonable and necessary to maintain your normal standard of living while your home is being repaired. In fact, a number of premium credits and discounts are available to make your Homeowners an exceptionally good value.

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Policies available:

  1. Homeowners
  2. Dwelling Fire
  3. Condo
  4. Landlord
  5. Seasonal Property
  6. Renters
  7. Manufactured Homes/ Mobile

Homeowners Insurance

Condo Insurance

Renters Insurance